Yaounde: Akere Muna to be barred from election by Biya gov’t over family affair 0

Akere Muna, who recently made public his decision to run for the upcoming presidential election to be held between September 14 and October 14, 2018, has accused Justice Minister Laurent Esso of attempting to disqualify his candidacy.

Akere has been quoted as saying that the Yaoundé regime is using a Muna family succession issue involving his younger sister former minister Ama Tutu Muna for political gains. Akere told a group of press men and women on Thursday in Yaoundé that “The only capital I have is my honor. My sister believes that I am a forger and the state supports it, with the Minister of Justice in mind. I will face it here and elsewhere.”

The former president of the Cameroon branch of Transparency International and founding father in the fight against corruption in Cameroon is being accused by Ama Muna of having falsified her signature on a document bearing minutes of a family meeting, in the framework of their late dad Solomon Tandeng Muna’s estate in 2002.

The former minister has sued her brother, whose candidacy is supported by the NOW movement and the Platform for a New Republic.

By Rita Akana