Yaoundé: Many prayer sessions are underway and Biya is the reason for the prayers 0

Cameroonians are known for being prayerful, but very few of them ever tell you why they are praying so hard.

Many Cameroonians will spend time in churches praying for work, even when they know their own churches do not create jobs.

Students will spend the entire academic year praying for excellent grades instead of reading and their pastors will continue to encourage them to hope against hope even the grades indicate that some of those students are engaged in truancy and other vices which are hurting their scores.

But in 2023, more Cameroonians have opted to join the ever growing number of popularly unpopular prayer warriors.

Cost of living and government taxes have left many Cameroonians wondering if they will be able to make it to the next year, but the government is not yet done with Cameroonians.

The worst is yet to happen. The government is still holding its cards so close to its chest but the Cameroon Concord News is aware of some of those plans.

A liter of fuel will soon be CFAF 900 and cooking gas will hit CFAF 8,500. The government wants to squeeze Cameroonians into total submission and their indolence and fear are really helping the government.

The pain is real and many Cameroonians know that death is in the offing for them if something is not done and urgently. Charges in government-run hospitals will soon go up, but private clinics have already set the pace, with some private clinics already charging as much as three times what they charged last year.

In their helplessness, many Cameroonians have decided to become dangerous prayer warriors and these prayers are not really taking place in churches.

Cameroonians know that Biya is to blame for their sorry plight and since they cannot take him down through the ballot boxes or through a people power revolution, they have decided to weaponize prayers, with the key prayer point being that God should recall Mr. Biya who is already a colony of diseases.

It is even within Mr. Biya’s government that the prayers are more aggressive. Some of the president’s collaborators are sick and tired of Mr. Biya embarrassing them and the country and given that a popular uprising is a distant tomorrow affair, Mr. Biya’s collaborators are imploring the Almighty to intervene in the country’s favor.

Mr. Biya is an ill wind which has not blown any good to the country. For forty years, the man many thought would take the country to the land of promise has incompetently and quietly taken the country to the brink of collapse.

Corruption has become the country’s distinctive feature and the pillaging has entered a higher gear as some unscrupulous collaborators are picking up any dime and penny they find in their path.

Many suspect the end is near. They know that without steroids Mr. Biya would have already been dumped on the ash heap of history. They however know that his body has become steroid-resistant.

The events in Washington DC during the Africa-US Leader Summit where Mr. Biya lost his mind and was heard speaking “in tongues” during an event seem to confirm that his days are numbered.

According to sources at the Presidency of the Republic, Biya is even too tired to attend certain official events. Sometimes, he invites his own ministers to come and see him, but when they come, the tired and helpless Biya will still be sleeping and even his own social workers will still be waiting for him to wake up.

Biya will never leave power voluntarily. He is aware of his crimes, especially those against his predecessor. He understands he has failed and disappointed Cameroonians and he is in no mood to answer embarrassing questions.

Tribalism and nepotism are at their highest. The country has been polarized and 80% of the country is clearly against Mr. Biya’s ethnic group for the nepotism which has become the country’s hallmark.

Inflation is at its apex with many Cameroonians not even sure of a meal a day. Moral decadence has become the order of the day and many young girls have been morally disarmed. Prostitution is now an acceptable way of life and it is being practiced even in religious and political milieu.

Today, it is hard for a Cameroonian to achieve anything without government officials asking for a reward. Sex has become a medium of exchange in Cameroon. Where girls do not have money, they can pay with sex. Young boys are also delivering their bodies to old men whose key objective is to destroy anything in their path before they die. Homosexuality, once a Western phenomenon, has taken root in the country.

While the national desperation continues, Cameroonians hope that their prayers will be heard by a God who seems to be deaf and on Biya’s side.

According to some sources, it is being alleged that Cameroonians have been praying to the wrong God. By being indolent, they have chosen peace over political violence and the God of change is not  a God of peace.

If Cameroonians have to see their dreams take shape, then they must change their ways. Biya knows he is going and he is not in a haste to change his strategy which has helped to keep him in power for more than four decades. Cameroonians will therefore have to pray to the right God if Mr. Biya must stop being a millstone around their necks.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai