Yaounde moves Ambazonian leader, Others to long term incarceration 0

Today, Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018, one of the regular visitors of incarcerated Ambazonian leaders in SED, Yaoundé, reported how he went visiting, and how upon arrival the officers on duty would not immediately disclose the whereabouts of the abductees. He was subsequently told that the leaders were rushed to the Military Tribunal. He hurried to the Military Tribunal, had a confrontation with Gendarmes who didn’t want him nor anyone to know that the leaders were in the court. The guest was interrogated and asked how he found out they were at the Military Tribunal before confiscating his phone and letting him go.

It appears that the Military Tribunal held some informal hearing in the absence of the abductees’ lawyers and were transferred afterward to Yaoundé Principal Prison, in Kondengui. An eyewitness said he saw nine of them as they went through protocol into the Kondengui Principal Prison. If anything, the event of today is a clear indication that Yaoundé has no intentions to release the leaders of our revolution in spite of the calls for their immediate and unconditional release.

Yaoundé should know that continuing to keep Sisiku and other leaders isn’t helping its case. The Interim Gov’t of Ambazonia demands their unconditional release. There shall be no settlement to the current conflict without the unconditional release of President Sisiku and the other 37 Ambazonians still kept incommunicado in SED. We condemn this type of mental torture that our leaders are being subjected to and once again reiterate the fact that Yaoundé has no legal jurisdiction over them as they are not Cameroonians, they are Ambazonian citizens.

Chris Anu

Ambazonian Secretary for Communications