Yaounde: National Assembly has essentially made political corruption legal 0

With only 6 out of the 150 members still alive, the so-called Economic and Social Council paradoxically has seen its budget increase over the years. What is the real essence of the Economic and Social Council? Indeed millions of Cameroonians are not even aware of the existence of this body in the Cameroon government’s structure. Many do not even understand the role of this institution which is the 4th in the nation’s protocol.

To be sure, the Economic and Social Council was established on the 5th of July 1986 and according to the substantive texts that accompanied its creation, the organ is suppose to be consulted by the President of the Republic on matters relating to studies or opinions concerning program bills or economic plans.

After it went operational in 1986, President Biya and his Beti Ewondo gang abandoned the Ahmadou Ahidjo tradition of the Five-year Development plans and started the implementation of the IMF’s structural adjustment program. Consequently, the Economic and Social Council immediately after it was created, was made irrelevant by the same regime. Of the 150 founding members, only 6 are still there enjoying billions of FCFA Cameroonian tax payer’s money.

Interestingly, the boss of the Economic and Social Council, Ayang Luc some few years ago, initiated the construction of a building not far from the presidency in Yaoundé which he revealed will host the members and staff. Cameroon Concord News sources hinted that the CPDM regime approved a trifle sum of 44 billion FCFA for the project. Luc Ayang’s organ has grown exponentially over the years including its budgetary allocation that moved From CFAF 413 million in 1986 to 2 billion CFA francs in 2007.

Recently in the current June plenary session of the Lower House, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, René Emmanuel Sadi defended before the MPs a draft law fixing the powers, organization and operation of the Economic and Social Council. The bill was passed on June 21st. The Luc Ayang institution will now function fully.

A Southern Cameroon member of parliament for the Bafut-Tubah Constituency in Mezam North West region, Hon Fusi Namukong has strongly advocated for a complete shut down of the Economic and Social Council saying that the members have been wasting Cameroon’s financial resources. His appeal met with a stone wall erected by National Assembly Speaker, Cavaye Yeguie Djibriel. The SDF Member of Parliament said the remaining six members from over 150 who have all died, are given a yearly budget of FCFA 2 billion with no accountability.

By Sonne Peter
Cameroon Concord News