Yaounde: Turkish envoy receives Order of Valour medal 0

Turkish Ambassador to Cameroon Ayse Sarac has received the medal of Commander of the Order of Valour as she reached the end of her mandate in the country after two years of service.

The medal was presented to her by Lejeune Mbella Mbella, the minister of external relations, on behalf of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya.

Sarac arrived in Cameroon in January 2019. “I was privileged to work in a very welcoming positive atmosphere,” Sarac said during the ceremony at the External Relations Ministry on Tuesday.

She also reiterated her utmost gratitude for the very fruitful and dynamic cooperation between Turkey and Cameroon in many fields, including diplomacy, international cooperation, trade, economy, energy, infrastructure, civil aviation, education, sustainable development, health tourism, and humanitarian assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We support African solutions to African problems. We have a very strong partnership with Cameroon.

“We are privileged to have high political will of two heads of state, fully implementing good relations of two countries which had tremendous effects on quality of our relations,” the Turkish ambassador said.

She said Turkey will remain committed to furthering bilateral cooperation through its embassy, as well as strong institutions and investors.

Sarac also noted that Turkey and Cameroon showed great solidarity during the pandemic, particularly in the evacuation flights of citizens of both countries.

Anadolu Agency