80% of Cameroonian men die 5 years after they retire 1

Experts have revealed that 80% of Cameroonian men die 5 years after they retire from active service. The study also pointed out that they die because of poor preparation of their retirement. To put an end to these so-called early deaths, a program of the Retired and Pre-Retirement Support Center (CARE 4) has been launched in Yaounde

In the ceremony that held at Hotel La Falaise under the direct supervision of the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Gregoire Owona, the Coordinator of the scheme, Benjamin Kisso observed that, “The ambition of this program is to return the “old” to the center of society, or at least to the center of their families. CARE 4 is a structure created to answer this problem.”

The special representative of Minister Grégoire Owona, noted that it was a commendable initiative that will help improve people’s lives on a day-to-day basis.”  The Secretary General in the Ministry of Labor added that “Cameroon hosted from the 27th  to 29th  of July 2016 the very first international forum on retirement in the area of the Inter-African Conference. This means that retirement is at the heart of our concerns. “

CARE 4 is a structure that allows retirees to take charge. It has programs such as CARE 4 health, CARE 4 training, CARE 4 house. “We are now proposing 6 new accompanying programs,” said Benjamin Kisso.

By Fru James