80 year old Cavaye Djibril re-elected National Assembly Speaker as French Cameroun MPs return 0

With 139 of the 167 MPs currently sitting in the National Assembly, the ruling CPDM crime syndicate saw its candidates for the two most important posts in the National Assembly’s bureau reelected unopposed. 

The ailing Cavaye Yeguie Djibril who by some strange happenstance was the only candidate for the post of President, was re-elected for the umpteenth time by his party’s hierarchy, with 147 votes out of 165 cast. Having spent 47 years as a member of parliament and 28 years as speaker, the sick man of the Far North region will therefore continue his lease at the helm of the House of the French Cameroun People.

Correspondingly, the post of first vice-president, only had the outgoing Hilarion Etong again of the ruling CPDM. He too was reelected with 147 votes out of 166.

The election of the other officers of the National Assembly, including the other five Vice-Presidents, four Quaestors and twelve Secretaries were done by acclamation.

By Rita Akana in Yaounde