After Biya: Another Cameroonian man expelled from Switzerland 0

Recently, a court in the canton of Bern confirmed the expulsion of a Cameroonian man who has failed to integrate, according to the newspaper Le Matin.

The man, who arrived in Switzerland 10 years ago, had his first scrape with the law in 2015 when he was convicted of robbery. Since then he has been convicted of several other crimes.

In addition, he has received over CHF 200,000 in welfare and is deeply in debt.

The head of police and military affairs asked the court to authorize the man’s expulsion. The court agreed the man’s risk to public security was more important than his private interest in remaining in Switzerland.

In addition, it noted that the man had family in Cameroon, spoke the local language and had lived there during his formative years.

Furthermore, the court decided that the region the man comes from no longer presents a risk to him, and the psychiatric treatment he has been receiving in Switzerland could be continued there.

Source: Le News