After student motion of support: Biya heading for early re-election 0

All the lights are now green in Cameroon for a possible re- election of the 83 years old Cameroonian dictator. After multiple calls teleguided by members of the CPDM crime syndicate and facing an opposition that has ran short of ideas and extremely lacking political finesse, President Paul Biya now has the backing of the student community.

The students have stormed the streets of the nation to say “thank you” to the head of state, for promising to make available 500 000 computer laptops to them.  The 75 billion CFA francs is a loan that the Francophone Beti-Ewondo head of state has contracted with the Peoples Republic of China, spread over a repayment period of 20 to 25 years.

Our source at the presidency of the republic hinted that the repayment of the 75 billion FCFA will run until 2036 and could be rescheduled in 2041.  Staff man Cham Victor Bama, who contributed to this report observed that in every country in the world, students are always in the opposition. He added that “The reaction coming from the student community is politically motivated.”  What is evidently clear is that President will seek another mandate soon.