Algeria: Clashes erupt as protesters rally against Bouteflika bid for 5th term 0

Protesters clashed with police as thousands demonstrated in Algiers on Friday against a bid by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika for a fifth term in office.

Algerian protesters running in a street as police in riot gear fired tear gas and set up a security cordon to block access to the presidential palace by the demonstrators who responded with stone-throwing. (AFP)

“The president has failed during his fourth terms, so trying to win a fifth one, which means the continuity of failure, he’s also disabled,” said one protester.

Eighty one-year-old Bouteflika announced earlier this month his plan to seek a new term in April’s presidential elections in spite of doubts over his health condition.

Protests were reported by local news in other Algerian cities on Friday. Another demonstration is expected in Algiers on Sunday.