Amba fighters ambush Cameroon military convoy in Mundemba, 2 soldiers dead: security sources 0

The carnage is continuing unabated as Ambazonian fighters keep on reducing the country’s military into a group of scouts who have lost their way in a massive wilderness. The country’s army soldiers are completely at the wit’s end.

Southern Cameroonian fighters have simply overwhelmed the country’s military as they gain more experience and acquire more sophisticated weapons in a war that is very likely to run for decades, especially as the government is reluctant to head to the negotiating table.

Some of the weapons are acquired when the brave Southern Cameroonian fighters attack and kill highly demoralized army soldiers who now understand that they are not a match for the Amba Boys who are hell-bent on liberating their fatherland.

The ragtag military group that started with machetes and hunting rifles has morphed into a sophisticated group of experienced and dedicated fighters and these boys are not shy to demonstrate their power by attacking the military and its equipment on a terrain the military knows nothing about.

Ambazonia Restoration Forces ambushed a Cameroon government military convoy, providing security at an ENEO facility in Mundemba killing 2 soldiers security sources said today August 30, 2021.

The convoy came under heavy attack from the Amba fighters as it headed towards the electricity company’s post in Mundemba, the chief town in Ndian division on Monday, the sources hinted.

The attack was the latest in a Southern Cameroons conflict which has killed thousands of people and displaced hundreds since it began four years ago.

We lost 2 soldiers in the terrorists’ ambush in Mundemba” a military officer, who asked not to be identified, told Cameroon Intelligence Report.

He said 4 government army soldiers, including two ENEO staffs, were wounded in the ambush.

The Cameroon government military convoy was on its way to supply troops protecting ENEO technicians when it came under fire, said another military source, who gave the same toll.

By Rita Akana