Amba fighters kidnap Catholic priest in the Northwest region 0

Reverend Father Sergius, a Catholic Priest in Vekovi, a small town in the Northwest region, was on Monday, September 26, 2002, abducted from his residence by Amba fighters and taken to an unknown location.

 In a video circulating online, the priest could be seen sitting on the ground surrounded by his captors who accused him of having a hand in the killing of one of their senior military officials, General Fire, who was recently picked up from his sick bed in the Banso Baptist Hospital by Government forces and executed.

In the video, the Reverend Father is seen being kicked while being interrogated by his abductors.

The abductors have not yet provided any evidence that the priest was responsible for the killing of the Amba general.

Over the last few months, Amba fighters have resorted to kidnapping religious officials and this is giving the insurgency a very bad name.

By Alain Agbor Ebot