Ambazonia Crisis: French Cameroun National Assembly Speaker defiant in face of SDF opposition 0

The Speaker of the French Cameroun National Assembly, Cavaye Djibril has said that work will resume at the Ngoa Ekele building today Monday the 27th  of November 2017.  Officially, SDF Members of Parliament  have not declared an end to their strike action that rocked the 3rd parliamentary session and caused activities to be suspended in the so-called Lower House since Thursday, November 22, 2017.

The SDF MPs have been demanding that the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime opens an inclusive dialogue on the Southern Cameroons crisis.

Without revealing the aftermath of the talks that were held between the government and SDF  parliamentarians, Hon. Cavaye announced on  the official website of the National Assembly today’s recovery program in the Francophone dominated national assembly.

– 10 am Conference of Presidents,

– 10.30 am Plenary session deposit of a text and

– 11 am Committee on Foreign Affairs with the adoption of the report on the draft law number 1015 / PJl / AN.

Mr. Cavaye revealed that the MPs including those of the SDF will all answer present today.  Another French Cameroun CPDM MP, Hon. Marlyse Rose Douala Bell was quoted as saying that “Unless they change in the meantime. We met at the funeral of Hon. Arthur Ekeke Lysinge in Buea and we talked a lot about how the parliament should discuss this Anglophone crisis. When I say, it’s with the SDF deputies. I think there are also negotiations that are being done at the parliamentary group level and elsewhere to keep this 3rd session going without further disruption.”

By Sama Ernest, CCN