Ambazonia: Updates from the Conclave 0

The 4th conclave is on, most of the delegates have arrived and are gradually settling in. Some other delegates have already had their pre-conclave meetings.

There are rumors of some participants being left out of the conclave. Those are false rumours. For security reasons the Conclave is known only by some and members of the organizing committee.

The current information going out about the VC and some delegates being left out of the conclave is untrue.

All participants duly invited will be informed through proper channels and time.

For peace and security we want to caution that delegates should treat matters of the conclave as classified. Ambazonians would be duly informed at the appropriate times.

We want to inform you to be rest assured that due process is being followed and not everything will and can be reported on social media for reasons we all know.

Stay tuned for updates from the conclave through our official channels.