Ambazonia: Vice President Dabney Yerima warns French Cameroun after Kumba Military deployment 0

Southern Cameroons Vice President Dabney Yerima has issued a stern warning to the French Cameroun regime following its recent military deployments in Kumba in the Meme County and the Cameroon government army onslaughts in Menchum and Manyu counties.

Last week, the French Cameroun head of state president Paul Biya ordered the Cameroon military to set up a mechanized division in Kumba in the Meme County. Ambazonian Restoration Forces fire injured 7 Cameroon government army soldiers immediately the troops got to Kumba. Cameroon Concord News correspondent in Fiango, Kumba said several Southern Cameroons civilians suffered critical injuries in the attack.

Vice President Dabney Yerima reacted on Saturday in Berlin, saying the atrocities being committed by Francophone soldiers in Ambazonia is threatening to push the Southern Cameroons war into a more intractable situation.

The French Cameroun army has carried out several attacks on Southern Cameroons towns and villages ever since President Biya declared war on the people of Ambazonia.  Vice President Dabney Yerima also said that the Southern Cameroons resistance can only be stopped if Yaoundé withdraws all its troops from the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and end its atrocities and acts of terrorism and genocide.

The Southern Cameroons Vice President praised the international community for breaking their silence and inaction over the crisis in Southern Cameroons. Dabney Yerima thanked the European Union and the United States of America for the pressure they are mounting on the French Cameroun regime in Yaounde.  

By Asu Isong in Berlin