Ambazonia will eventually prevail over French Cameroun 0

 A senior commander of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces has said that the people of Southern Cameroons will finally emerge victorious over the war and punitive measures imposed on Southern Cameroonians by the French Cameroun government.

The leader of the Restoration Forces in Jakiri, Bui County said Southern Cameroons Self-Defense Forces will confront the French Cameroun military and prevent them from achieving their goals this September. In an audio message aired recently in pidgin English, the commander noted that Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces owes national and moral duties to defend and protect the Federal Republic of Ambazonia against the aggression of the French Cameroun military.

The Southern Cameroons commander also pointed out in the audio message that the decision to open Ambazonia schools can only be made by the leaders in French Cameroun jails and that President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and the Interim Government are responsible for safeguarding the rights and interests of the Ambazonia nation.

Elsewhere, the Manyu Warriors operating in Eyumojock sub constituency in the Manyu County have reminded all Southern Cameroonian parents of the need to respect any decision that will be made public by Vice President Dabney Yerima on the issue of back to school.

The Manyu Warriors through their spokesman observed that Restoration Forces all over Southern Cameroons are targeted by French Cameroun security apparatus because they continue to thwart the Biya Francophone plots in the territory.

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands the Yaounde regime has failed in its military confrontations with Southern Cameroons Self Defense groups. Biya and his Beti Ewondo gang have also fallen short in their psychological war to tarnish the image of Southern Cameroons Self-Defense Forces and the ailing leader has gained not much from designating Southern Cameroonians as terrorists and two cubes of sugar.

By Sama Ernest and Rita Akana