Ambazonia: Yerima issues statement saying there should be unity among self-defense forces 0


Fellow Ambazonians,

There is an audio circulating on social media from an agent of darkness in the United States instructing Ambazonian self-defense forces to attack and kill one another. The Interim Government of Ambazonia strongly condemns this appalling and unacceptable request and calls on all self-defense forces to ignore this shocking appeal. The notion that Ambazonians should be encouraged to attack and exterminate one another is shameful, distasteful, outrageous, and unacceptable. And the perpetrators of these sorts of actions shall one day face the Southern Cameroons justice system.

Our self-defense forces are an essential component of our liberation struggle. Their sacrifices are worthy and have brought us this far. As leaders and the Diaspora, our role is to promote unity amongst them, not divide them. Unfortunately, last year, we witnessed the senseless killings of many self-defense forces by people who claimed to fight for our flag. These killings are unacceptable.

To Our Self-defense Forces

My dear restoration forces, you must STOP attacking each other! Our common enemy is La Republique du Cameroun.  Your task as self-defense forces in this struggle is to free our people and defend Ambazonia from grave danger. Your paramount loyalty is to the nation above any frontline movement or so-called leader in the Diaspora. We cannot aid and abet the enemy by fighting amongst ourselves. This war requires our sustained loyalty and self-restraint.

In this war for freedom, you have all chosen to bear the duty of self-defense. Yet, your actions must be guided by a vision of unity and collaboration on the battlefield of many dangers. Ambazonia cannot afford to lose any more lives in avoidable circumstances. Millions of Southern Cameroonians have confidence in you and are praying for you as you undertake this gigantic task to free our nation. Unity amongst you will be a decisive blow to the rogue advisers passing for leaders in the Diaspora. Ambazonia is watching you, and in you, her hope for victory lies. That trust is well placed, and you cannot afford to let your nation down with infighting.

There are difficult days ahead, yet we must remain strong. But above all, you at the forefront of this struggle must remain united. So, we must confront this dangerous enemy with unity and purpose. We must unite to defeat this evil of tyranny. Fellow Ambazonians, we will not fail. Instead, we will unite, persevere, and defeat this common enemy with all its collaborators in the Diaspora.

Thank you, and may

God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Dabney Yerima

Vice President, Federal Republic of Ambazonia