Anglophone crisis: Ad Hoc Inter-ministerial Committee Chairman admits South Westerners 0

The controversial Chairperson of the so-called Ad Hoc Inter-ministerial Committee tasked with examining and proposing solutions to the concerns raised by the Anglophone Teachers’ Trade Unions, Professor Ghogomu Paul Mingho has issued a release admitting more members into the committee.

Ghogomu who attempted invoking the North West/South West divide to please his Francophone master has finally settled with the recommendation of the North West members of the committee.

The eight new members admitted into the working group include;

1-    Mr. Njie Samuel Kale, PCC Education Secretary

2-    Mr. Ntoko Ntuba Wilfred, Cameroon Education Forum

3-    Mr. George Ngwane, parent

4-    Ms. Louise Ebenye Ikome, Principal G.B.H.S Tiko

5-    Mr. Mbete William, Principal G.T.H.S Muyuka

6-    Mr. S.T Mbu, Education Secretary Lay Private

7-    Fr. Ebiaga Peter Paul, Mamfe Diocess

8-    Mr. Motanga Hilary Hamza, Islamic Education Secretary Buea

It is widely believed that the admission of these members by Ghogomu Paul Mingo, Chairman of the committee will bring more serenity to future discussions. The decision was made following pressure from members of the committee during their first meeting that more representatives from the South West Region be incorporated into the committee.