Anglophone Uprising: Francophone government threatens to Gag media 1

The Francophone Government of Cameroon has just revealed its ugly face in the ongoing struggle by Teachers and Common Law Lawyers to fight for the restore of the Anglo Saxon system of education and Common Law practice by using brutality and all measures to mute protesters.

After shutting down internet connection last Tuesday in the North West and South West regions without explanation from any of the mobile Telecommunication companies, the President of National Communication Council who was appointed by Presidential decree, Peter Essoka has just made another step forward in gagging the Press.

Newspapers such as Le Massager, The Times Journal, The Guardian Post, Cameroon Post; Television Channels such as Equinoxe TV, Canal 2 and Spectrum TV have been warned to desist from given rooms to people who talk of Federalism or secession which according to Mr Essoka will undermine the integrity and unitary nature of the country.

The National Communication Council has promised to shut down such media houses if they continue to broadcast such. Observers hold that Peter Essoka in his release did not sound like an instructor teaching his pupil new things, his choice of words was a perfect indication that the regime is bent on seeing into it that the Anglophone struggle crumbles especially gagging the Press which for now has stood as a means of information. The NCC boss used words like anti-democratic which observers see as a leeway to tell the media that they are not free to cover such events because their closure will be eminent.

Anglophone so-called political elites in Yaounde passing for Biya emissaries have been crossing towns in North West and South West regions to lure parents send their children to school next Monday. The Leaders of the Consortium, Tapang  Ivo and Mark Bara have called for ghost towns beginning on Monday the 23rd and runs through Tuesday and Wednesday.  The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium stated that the three-day ghost town operation shall be observe for a period of one month before further instructions on the struggle will be made public.

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