Anglophone Uprising: Strikes called off, leaders say no more celebration of 11th February and 20th May 3

Anglophone leaders have canceled a plan for successive strikes this New Year after it was revealed government agents have infiltrated some of the groups involved in the struggle for a Southern Cameroons state.

The consortium said in a statement released recently that hush hush money has been paid to some Southern Cameroonians to use the strike action negatively. The communiqué also revealed that the Yaounde regime intends to arrest the leaders if the demonstrations turn violent.

The leaders have promised to make changes in the approach that reorganizes the Southern Cameroons quest for nationhood. The reforms are one of a handful of outstanding actions that will finally paralyzed all administrative actions from La Republique du Cameroun.

The consortium leaders say all Southern Cameroonians should stay indoors and that 11th February and 20th May celebrations will no longer hold in Southern Cameroons.

The first 24-hour strike was to begin today in the South West and North West regions. Further strikes had been scheduled for next week. The strikes would have led to the collapsed of business activities in the entire region.


By Rita Akana