Bakossi Chiefs, Ministers Philip Ngwese and Elung Paul: No longer an item 2

Bakossi chiefs say they are not spare wheels for Minister Philip Ngwese and Co, who only run to them when their jobs are at stake. The chiefs collected their share of the Yaounde money but refused to implement their instructions. The CPDM barons from Kupe Manenguba in the South West Region were in their home constituency over the weekend, desperately calling on parents, teachers and students to ignore the civil disobedience campaign and get back to school.

The men called the ministers used money to lure the traditional authorities to attend their meetings, dishing out Cameroonian tax payers money that their Colonial Master General allocated them for this purpose. The Bakossi people did not refuse the payments made by the agents of La Republique. The Chiefs and the local political elites attended the meetings, collected what ever amount was available and promised the two main Francophone surrogates that they would do as the CPDM government has requested. Ministers Philip Ngwese and Elung Paul are reportedly hiding after Kupe Muanenguba recorded a huge participation in today’s ghost town operation.

“We cannot send our children to die because of small chicken change. These people only leave Yaounde and come to see us when they feel that their interests are threatened. When we send them letters about our local worries, they never act. They refuse to respect their engagements towards us. When they called us to attend the meeting, they motivated us financially, and since we needed the money we took it, but we cannot do what they asked us to do. They promised that if our children go to school, they will give us more. But of what use will education be to our children if they go to school, have certificates and come back to stay in our houses?”. One of the chiefs who collected the money noted to this reporter.

Minister Ngwese had already boasted to the press that schools were not interrupted in the Kupe Manengouba Division during the first term and assured the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime that things will continue like that.

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