Barrister Ben Muna says Anglophones can only have federation Not independence 0

The lead counsel for the detained leaders of the Cameron Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, Ben Muna has said that the much talk about independence of Southern Cameroon is not realistic and cannot be achieved even after 100 years.

Barrister Bernard Muna in an exclusive interview with The Guardian Post Newspaper said independence can only be obtained if the people of former Southern Cameroon wage war against La Republique but he quickly says that cannot happen because they lack weapons, army and resources.

According to Barrister Bernard Muna, only Federalism can be achieved and can only be gotten if the testis of the Biya regime is held firmly. He also said there could be a court decision Wednesday June 7, 2017 which will see leaders of the Consortium released bu the said, “ I urge the court not to follow the logic of military prosecutor who seems to be saying that bail might be granted only to Agbor Balla and Dr Fontem. All 28 accused persons should be treated equally especially as they are being tried jointly.”

But Barrister Ben Muna said anybody who does not want the two leaders to accept conditional bail until all others are released is just using them as fodder to achieve their own ambitions.

Source: Cameroon Info.Net