Beti-Ewondo politics and money: Minister Ngoh Ngoh takes charge of Camair-Co privatization 0

French Cameroun Beti Ewondo political dinosaurs have been in the way of realizing La Republique du Cameroun’s dream of economic prosperity.

For 38 years, Biya and his Beti Ewondo kinsmen and women have spent the resources of the two Cameroons not on development but antidemocratic means to stay in power.

Correspondingly, the new chairman of the Camair-Co board is Mauger Ayem, who is currently a technical advisor at the presidency of the republic. He is very close to the omnipotent minister secretary-general Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh.

Mauger Ayem’s appointment is a pointer to the fact that despite huge deficits in education, gender equality, health care, security and economic competitiveness in the two Cameroons, the majority of French Cameroun political elites remain preoccupied not with formulating genuine plans for improvement but strategizing antidemocratic ways to ensure their perennial hold on power.

Even after the arrest of Minister Edgar Alain Mebo Ngo’o, Cameroon Intelligence Report can now reveal that the Biya family dynasty is still dominating in Yaoundé.

By Chi Prudence Asong with files from Soter Agbaw-Ebai