Beware of the vultures of the Ambazonian War of liberation 0

Cameroon Concord News Group deeply regrets the assassination of General Amigo. He was a great hero of the Ambazonian liberation war.   Boyo County of the Northern Zone of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has lost a great son and soldier but Ambazonia has lost a war hero. The death of this liberation hero must inspire Ambazonians of all walks of life to fight on until the last person standing.  General Amigo like all mortals was never going to live forever. In effect all mortals are bound to submit to the biblical injunction, which commands that from dust we were raised, to dust we must return.  But the cause General Amigo lived and died for will endure forever.

The demise of the Roman empire, the Ottoman empire, the Yugoslav Republic and other human oppressive contraptions that enslaved millions for years was achieved on the weight of the pressures and sacrifices of freedom seeking peoples. These are lessons we must point to, to fight on, in honour of General Amigo, thousands who have lost their lives, and our individual and collective survival.  Let the enemy not rejoice for the cowardly assassination of General Amigo and thousands of Ambazonian civilians and freedom seekers. From the dusts of their lonely graves, their spirits shall rise to inspire our generation and generations unborn to cement the irreversible gains of Ambazonia independence and freedom.  These heroes died defending the sovereign will of an overwhelming majority of Ambazonians who under the Leadership of His Excellency, President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe on October 1 2016, proclaimed the independence of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia from every nook and corner of our Ambazonia fatherland, chanting and pledging that “Ambazonia has risen to fall no more”. Cameroon Concord News Group for this reason joins millions of Ambazonia to eternalize the memory of this great warrior General Amigo and thousands of others who have lost their lives in the defense of the Ambazonia fatherland.

The assassination of General Amigo, and that of many of our fighting self-defense forces, raises questions about the increasing but unchecked degree of infiltration and treachery largely responsible for these painful losses. It is one thing if our heroes died in combat, and another when they are ambushed and slaughtered betrayed by infiltrators, some controlled or manipulated by forces purporting to be fighting for the liberation of our homeland.

It is imperative that after every ambush and assassination such as that of General Amigo, and those of our self-defense forces in Nkambe, parts of Momo, Ngokentunjia and other locations in Ambazonia, we must make a strategic, tactical and forensic analysis of how the attacks occurred and remedy the situation.   Cameroon Concord News Group is conducting a critical examination of the very troubling trend of treachery, infiltration and greed and hereby shares these provisional findings:

  • Some of the attacks although carried out by French Cameroun terrorist forces, have been preceded by targeted ultimatums given by forces alleged to be under the control and command of Cho Ayaba and by extension the AARC alliance. The AARC amorphous group was created in Washington DC barely two weeks after the abduction of His Excellency President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and members of the Ambazonia interim Government in Nigeria. The amorphous group was created purposefully to sabotage and hijack the Ambazonia cause for the selfish pecuniary interests of its members.
  • The attacks in Momo and Boyo counties were preceded by ultimatums to self-defense forces and the IG by Cho Ayaba forces or forces allied to him and shortly after French Cameroun forces ambushed and assassinated our self-defense forces, suggesting a potential high degree of coordination.
  • A concomitant threat of attack of the Ambazonia self-defense forces by the Ayaba ADF and allied forces and French Cameroun terrorist forces can be said be co-incidental, in one occasion but coincidence must be ruled out when that occurred more than once. Indeed, it has become a recurrent trend.
  • Nsoh Nkem Foncha, a renegade who was sanctioned and sacked by the Interim Government for embezzling funds meant for Ground Zero operations confessed in a social media video recording that he and his acolytes were on mission to destabilize the IG and GZ operations.
  • After the Nkambe genocide in which Ambazonians not in combat were slaughtered in cold blood, a social media Activist and Spokesman for the Cho Ayaba’s ADF went on a social media frenzy celebrating and rebuking the slaughtered Ambazonia victims of the genocide claiming that they died because they failed to join Ayaba’s ADF and to follow his orders.  Cho Ayaba tacitly endorsed this message because he did not rebuke his spokesman, did not express regret for the genocide, did not condemn French Cameroun’s terrorists for the genocide and indeed through multiple fake Facebook profiles, by himself or his surrogates, he blamed the Interim Government for the slaughter of our people.
  • In attempts to showcase the power and control of Cho Ayaba, and his ability to forcefully take over command of all GZ operations, social media activists under his control such as one Carpo Daniel, and others have consistently exposed GZ forces to enemy surveillance. In one occasion, Cho Ayaba himself invited a French television network to conduct a tour of his field operations zones, potentially exposing the territory of Ambazonia and potential war zones to French intelligence.
  • Cho Ayaba’s Dadi misadventure caused this liberation war the early loss of a key tactical and strategic logistical defense base at the borders with Nigeria. What he hoped to achieve by that misadventure was to lure Ambazonians to get more money.
  • The exposure of GZ forces through social media video postings comports a degree of coordinated sophistication. It is inconceivable that forces who are short on logistics and weapons can produce and post these videos on social media.  The purpose is to hoodwink a gullible diaspora to contribute money to Ayaba and his cohorts as opposed to Local Government by Local Government or County by County defense policy advocated by the IG.
  • Cho Ayaba is opposed to County by County and Local Government by Local Government because it deprives him of the only source of subsistence he has lived on since he migrated to Europe. He is accountable to himself and himself alone.
  • The London supposed oil deal scandal for which Cho Ayaba has refused to apologise, portrays Ayaba, a supposed Commander-in-Chief as a Scammer in Chief and unfit to be a credible leader of Ambazonia. He is greedy, self-seeking, gullible and even pathetically inept and delusional.    He has never ever expressed remorse or sympathy for any fallen hero, even those who fell in combat fighting for units under his command.  He has never ever taken measures to assist some of them who were abducted from Nigeria and illegally taken to French Cameroun. It is instead the IG which is doing all in its power to secure their release.
  • The recent betrayal, ambush and assassination of General Amigo is the latest act which has exposed Cho Ayaba, his ADF and acolytes as the Trojan horses by which French Cameroun military intelligence is infiltrating the Ambazonia liberation struggle and committing the genocide which is on the rise.
  • The fact that the Cho Ayaba allied forces have not publicly condemned and dissociated themselves from the assassination of General Amigo, is a tacit confirmation that the assassination was a realisation of their ultimatum. Revealing is the sudden silence of the ADF spokesman, social activists and acolytes who at various degrees threatened General Amigo and even tacitly urged his demise.   This silence indeed underscores their satisfaction for a mission realized.
  • Unfortunately for them, their satisfaction must be short-lived, because their rhetoric, actions and threats and the assassinations have linked them unmistakably to the French Cameroun terrorists forces they have been pretending to be fighting against on behalf of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. They have finally been exposed as the conduits, infiltrators, Trojan horses, while French Cameroun terrorist forces are the executioners.
  • In the face of this reality, Cameroon Concord News Group calls on Ambazonians worldwide to intensify their support for the IG, Local Government by Local Government and County by County defense strategy.
  • The Local Government by Local Government, County by County liberation policy devised by the Interim Government deprives the vultures of the Ambazonia liberation struggle of the money they have been extorting by fraud from Ambazonia diaspora.
  • The military strategy conceived by these vultures of the Ambazonia liberation war, provides ample opportunities for French Cameroun agents to infiltrate the forces and exterminate our people.  Our fighting forces know the fighters in their local government areas or counties.  They will readily identify and neutralize infiltrators.
  • Cameroon Concord News Group does not discount the possibility of forces deployed from parts of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia to conduct military operations in some parts when the self-defense needs of the people require. In this circumstance, these forces will be members of the Ambazonia mobile specialized mobile units, special forces and commandos. These special operation forces must remain largely unknown to the enemy and must possess multiple intelligence and operational capacities.
  • The method of operation of the enemy through forces disguised as civilians to ambush and assassinate Ambazonia civilians and self-defense forces shows elements of adoptability to the Ambazonia war environment with the support of vultures of the revolution or local CPDM party traitors. These categories of traitors must be checked and controlled. They must know that providing intelligence to the enemy makes them targets for attacks.
  • The Cho Ayaba ADF forces have been exposed to the social media limiting their capacity to be deployed to areas outside their respective local government areas as special mobile forces, special operations forces and commandos. By their very exposure, they have lost the capacity and characteristic to be effective.  The constant media outings of his commanders expose them as undisciplined and lacking in military intelligence strategy.
  • Cameroon Concord News Group is aware of the recent call by His Excellency President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe for unity. Cameroon Concord News Group recalls the Acting President Dr Sako had made similar calls. He even initiated a unity conference in Washington DC which Cho Ayaba and members of AARC sabotaged.
  • The preliminary result of the enquiry which Cameroon Concord News Group is conducting has been made public now due to the urgency of the need to alert the GZ forces, the IG and Ambazonians to the need to take urgent steps to close the loopholes in the revolution that have been exploited by opportunistic vultures of the liberation struggle for self-gain and in the ultimate interests of the enemy.
  • Cameroon Concord News Group gives its qualified support to the unity call by the President but strongly call on Ambazonians to be extremely vigilant and cautions of the activities of vultures of the revolutionary war which have inflicted so much harm and are hampering the efficacious prosecution of the war. They must be made to understand that the enemy is French Cameroun and not the IG or the Ambazonia Ground Zero self-defense forces. The first line of control by the people of Ambazonia is to deny them the contributions they are seeking and contribute to Ground Zero operations directly through your local government or county and to your IG.  Your IG needs contributions for the defense of the President His Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, members of the Interim Government as well as forty-nine other Ambazonians who were abducted from Nigeria and taken to French Cameroon. The IG needs resources for Ambazonia refugees in Nigeria and for other strategic diplomatic, strategic defense operations.  The vultures of the revolution have never done anything for Ambazonia refugees, abductees, or possess delicate diplomatic skills.  They do not have the ability and maturity to counter the enemy in multiple fronts through the resourceful coordination of the Ambazonia highly skilled and professional Ambazonians and members of the international community away from the self-seeking social frenzy antics of the vultures of the revolution.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief