Biya and his gang orders Prime Minister Philemon Yang to make available 500 kilos of 10 thousand FCFA notes 0

The French Cameroun dictator is putting pressure on the Prime Minister Philemon Yang administration to make available the sum of  CFAF 50 billion needed for the 2018 presidential elections, Cameroon Concord News has gathered from a source inside the presidency.

In the framework of the 2018 Finance Act, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the Minister –Secretary General at the presidency of the republic, reportedly instructed the secretary-general of the Prime Minister’s office to raise 50 billion FCFA (77,524,508 euros) for the 2018 elections.

This disturbing increase of 15 billion comes at a time when the parliament is meeting to review the 2018 budget. Indeed, general elections are scheduled for October 2018, including the presidential elections, for which nearly 10 French Cameroun politicians have already announced their intention to run for office.

By law, Mr. Biya will summon the electorate to chose their mayors, parliamentarians, senators and the president of the republic. Work in the so-called national assembly has been brought to a stand still following protest led by opposition MPs of the Social Democratic Front party.

By Rita Akana in Yaounde