Biya cancels New Year Wishes ceremony 2

President Paul Biya is said to be under considerable pressure and panic in Yaoundé after it was revealed that his New Year Day speech was leaked to the public hours before his televised presentation on the 31st of December. A well-placed source at the Presidency told Cameroon Intelligence Report that close aides to Biya are urging him to order the arrest of many of his collaborators.

The situation became more complicated yesterdays during a press conference by the minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Hon. Zacharie Perevette who Contradicted President Biya’s  end of year speech when he observed that  the head of state was wrong when Biya said in 2016,  320,000 jobs were Created instead of 400,000 .

Insiders say it was because Jacques Fame Ndongo, the Minister of Higher Education who is responsible for writing the Head of State’s speech, did not consult other cabinet ministers before preparing the document. Jacques Fame Ndongo was in the South West region pushing the Consortium to call off the strike action and the ghost town operation to begin on Monday the 9th 2017.

In France, the president is reportedly being urged by his French mentors to quit the leadership of the CPDM an opinion which has been shared by some senior Francophone Beti Ewondo politicians. The many scandals that have rocked Etoudi including news that some prominent Anglophone political elites are threatening to join the Southern Cameroons Struggle has prompted Biya to cancel the presentation of New Year wishes at State House scheduled for today Thursday 5th Jan.2017.

Our Yaoundé informant hinted that the ceremony has been rescheduled on Friday the 6th of January 2017. CPDM insiders are now arguing that Biya having succeeded in defusing political tension that was generated by Fru Ndi and the SDF, should very much consider retiring at the end of his current seven-year term.

Culled from Cameroon Intelligence Report