Biya celebrates his 84th birthday privately at Unity Palace 2

The Cameroonian dictator has celebrated his 84th birthday at the presidential palace in the Etoudi district of Yaoundé.  Paul Biya, the Head of State, held his closed family celebration on Monday the 13th of February 2017.

A photo that immortalizes this extraordinary day was posted on the front page of the official website of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon. Biya who replaced the late President Ahmadou Ahidjo and has been in power for 35 years, blew his 84th candle at the Unity Palace in the strictest family intimacy.

Dressed in funny attire as against his normal gandoura, Paul Biya had beside him his well-known son, Franck Biya and the first lady, Chantal Biya.

By Sama Ernest