Biya is not only taking China’s money to build a new National Assembly building,the work will be done by a Chinese firm 0

Cameroon is not only taking China’s money to build a new National Assembly building — all of the work will be done by, and the jobs go to, a Chinese firm. This is a total sell out, to the same “Belt and Road” bribers Antonio Guterres has tried to conceal his financial links with, including by roughing up and censoring the Press. Here’s the state media announcement: “The construction of Cameroon’s new National Assembly headquarters is scheduled to begin by the end of the month of July, official reports have confirmed.

The information was disclosed by the President of the follow up committee in charge of the construction of the project, Hon. Theodore Datouo during a press conference held today in Yaounde today.  The project reportedly financed by the Chinese government at an amount of 54.5 Billion CFA frs will commence by the end of this month.

According to Hon. Theodore Datouo, the constructions will be hosted on three different sites which are Wada, Municipal Lake and at the National Gendarmerie. The later and all its occupants will relocate to Olembe.  Reports hold that the building is expected to stand on a surface area of over 90,000 square metres with facilities like a 400 sitter parliamentary chamber, several entry points as well as gardens.

Announced several months ago, the construction becomes imminent with the reported arrival to Cameroon of the Chinese enterprise selected for the job that will be delivered in 48 months.” A Chinese enterprise will do all the work, and take all the money. How’s that for empowerment? This is the new world order, assisted and covered up for by corrupt Antonio Guterres.

After Guterres on June 28 tried to erase his failure and failure of credibility on Cameroon by embracing an attempt to mediate by Switzerland, in Geneva Swiss police used tear gas against protesters of Biya’s corruption, right in front of the UN. Given Guterres’ track records, perhaps it was this that he was welcoming.

Source: Inner City Press