Biya is using influence in Europe, US to get away with crimes against Southern Cameroonians 0

The French Cameroun dictator has reportedly been using the enormous influence his regime wields within Europe and the United States including Canada to get away with the crimes Cameroon government army soldiers are perpetrating against the people of Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group believe and fervently too that it basically makes Europe and the US a cosponsor of French Cameroun terrorism against a people Yaoundé had once described as its own citizens.

Never in the history of the African continent has a regime been allowed to go scot-free after trampling on the legitimate rights of a people. More than 4000 Ambazonians have been killed, thousands of Southern Cameroonians have been relegated to a lower class in French Cameroun detention centers, thousands are living in the bushes and thousands are now refugees in neighboring Nigeria. By some strange happenstance, certain European countries are complicit in Biya’s crimes against Southern Cameroons.

The truth is that the Biya Francophone regime has been able to get away with these crimes against humanity not only by the political influence in Europe guaranteed by the French government and support from lobby groups in the US but by given bribes to UN and Commonwealth diplomats.

Biya is slowly but surely criminalizing any political speech or disagreement from Southern Cameroons over the political future of the so-called one and indivisible nation. In Yaoundé and in some areas in Douala, Southern Cameroonians can disagree about any Cameroonian political figure or any French Cameroun government official on any issue except separation or federation including who will be Cameroon’s next head of state.

The Francophone Beti Ewondo political elites have twisted Cameroon’s penal code say that any agitation for better living standard by Southern Cameroonians is only motivated by hate for fatherland and therefore, anybody Ambazonian that protest is exposed to terrorism charges.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai