Boxing: Francis Ngannou calls on the international community to check Tyson Fury’s gloves 0

Unbeaten since the start of his professional career, Tyson Fury will face Cameroonian Francis Ngannou in the ring on October 28. Ngannou believes that the Briton’s glove strategy is illegal.

With just one month to go before the unprecedented showdown between undefeated boxing champion Tyson Fury and former MMA heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, commentary is running high. Specialists give their predictions, and fans get in each other’s faces on social networks. The two fighters, who are in the home stretch of their preparations, are not to be outdone. Through the media, they don’t hesitate to take jabs at each other.

“Wilder and Chisora complained about Fury’s gloves”.

In mid-week, Tyson Fury, whose atypical physique for a top-level sportsman makes Ngannou fans hilarious, announced that his opponent’s muscles were no asset when it came to his moves. And this weekend, it’s the MMA champion’s turn to attack his future opponent. For the Cameroonian, the British boxer was using an illegal strategy with his gloves. “He’s very cunning with his gloves. I think he’s cheating. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about his gloves, that they have no protection. Even when he fought Deontay Wilder, he complained about that. Derek Chisora complained about it too,” says Francis Ngannou.

“All gloves must be checked”.

Cyril Gane’s MMA faller is putting the pressure on the organizing committee to carry out a thorough check. “We’re going to make it and we need all the gloves to be checked. The commission must check. All gloves need to be checked. If you want us to fight barehanded, let’s do it, but don’t give me 10-ounce gloves, while he’s wearing 8- or 6-ounce gloves because he has no protection.”

Source: Sports News Africa