Camair-Co Palaver: MPs call for a speed up in the recovery process 0

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Yéguié Cavaye Djibril has voiced concerns about the goings-on in the Cameroon Airlines Corporation (Camair-Co). Some reports have suggested that MPs from both the ruling CPDM party and the SDF opposition have decided  to speak with one voice on the poor bill of health of Camair-Co. Speaker Cavaye Djibril fired the first salvo on June the 2nd during his opening speech to the House when he observed that the company was indeed “sick”.

Honorable Joshua Osih, Vice President of the SDF parliamentary group noted that something should done and done in a hurry to remedy the situation.  Joshua Osih reminded the House that Camair-Co belongs to the Cameroonian taxpayer. Our National Assembly correspondent who contributed to this report revealed the MPs are worried about the airlines company. The MPs want an immediate speed up in the recovery process of Camair-Co.  An audit of the company has already been ordered.