Cameroon: CPDM is humiliating Chief Mukete 0

When the former paramount chief of the Bafaws in Kumba in Cameroon’s Southwest region, Victor Mukete, died, many people hastily assumed that he would be accorded a befitting burial given that he had occupied many senior government positions and in a normal country, the insurance arrangements made for people of such standing will immediately kick in.

But Cameroon is far from being a normal country. The country’s ruling party also known as the crime syndicate is wont to doing things the wrong way. While others prefer the honourable way, the CPDM government has always opted for the dishonourable way.

It is unheard of that a senator in a normal country has not got the appropriate life insurance policy. It is a shame that a senator of that standing could not boast of a life insurance policy that should enable his family to organize his funeral with the pump and pageantry that truly reflect the late Senator’s status.

The government of Yaoundé is not known for being a decent and astute financial manager. It is known for being a bull in a China shop when it comes to properly managing the country’s limited financial resources.

It is a government that is bereft of any sense of discipline and futuristic planning and this is hurting Chief Mukete’s family which thought its patriarch would be given a decent burial by the state.

Unfortunately, the state is cash-strapped and the CPDM has brought out its begging bowl, calling on poor civil servants to contribute towards the burial of a man many thought had carefully planned his exit from this country of sorrows and chaos.

What is more astonishing is the fact that the meeting to organize a fund-raiser for Chief Mukete was attended by a representative of the Mukete family who clearly approved of this beggarly behaviour.

A source close to the Mukete family has informed the Cameroon Concord News Group that things seems to be spiraling out of control within the family.

The source, which elected anonymity, said that on the surface, the family finances appear to be robust but if you scratch beyond the surface, you will find a pretty mess that is tearing the family apart.

The source added that many people in the Southwest region are questioning why the CPDM government has to go round the country begging for money just bury a man who lived a life of dignity and discipline.

Efforts by the Cameroon Concord News Group correspondent to talk to family members of the late senator have failed as everybody is scared of talking. The family does not seem to have a unified front and it does not seem to have any messaging strategy.

As family members continue to look up to Yaoundé, the family’s reputation is taking a snake beating in the court of public opinion, especially regarding the press release issued by the CPDM, calling on its crime family to contribute towards the burial of Victor Mukete.

Below is the list of those who have to contribute and failure to do so might result in a long jail term. The CPDM is treating Mukete like a mob leader, and by so doing, it is humiliating him and his family.

Once a CPDM member, always a CPDM member! You are a member of the crime syndicate even in your grave and that is the message the CPDM is sending to the public regarding the burial of chief Mukete.

Dear Comrades, following a brain-storming meeting convened by the SW regional political hierarchy towards the funerals of the late Senator Nfon Victor MUKETE and Hon. Emilia LIFAKA it was agreed on Divisional levies of 2.000.000 F CFA as participation towards the organization of the funerals of the late members of parliament. In consonance with the decisions arrived at and to enable Manyu CPDM Caucus come up with its share of the condolence contributions the following levies shall apply:

1) Members of Government and those ranking as such ………….500.000  F CFA

2) Vice President of the Senate….. …. 500.000 F CFA

3) Ambassadors & Senior diplomats ……300.000 F CFA

4) CT-PRC/SG ……..200.000 F CFA

5) Senators…………150.000 F CFA

6) Members NA…..150.000 FCFA

7) DG…………………..150.000 F CFA

8) DGA…………………100.000 F CFA

9) Board Chairs…….100.000 F CFA

10) CT/Directors……..75.000 F CFA

11) Heads (Institutions, Deans of Faculties, etc) and ranking as such 50.000 F CFA

12) Members of bureau Regional Assembly .. 50.000 F CFA

13) Mayors …… 50.000 F CFA

14) Sub-Directors/Divisional Delegates 30.000 F CFA

15) Members of Regional Assembly …… 30.000 F CFA

16) Chiefs of services/ Principals …. 25.000 F CFA

17) All other political elite  …..20.000 F CFA

All condolence levies including transfer charges should be forwarded to Mr AGBOR EMMANUEL OBEN Momo 670851975 on or before midnight May 09, 2021. Thanks for your understanding and usual diligence. Victor MENGOT. Head PDD/CPDM – Manyu

By Isong Asu with files from Rita Akana in Yaounde