Cameroon gov’t military kills three Southern Cameroonians, injures dozens in incursion in Akwaya 0

The Francophone dominated military has killed three Southern Cameroonians and injured more than twenty-nine others during an incursion into Akwaya Sub Division.

Clashes broke out when the Cameroon government army soldiers raided Tinta one of the last Manyu settlements in the borders with Nigeria.  The Biya regime forces destroyed houses and part of the building hosting the only primary school in the village wounding or killing those who were hiding inside.

According to our informant at the SDO’s office in Mamfe, three people who were brought to the Akwaya so-called health centre in very critical conditions succumbed to their injuries.

The Cameroon government military is reportedly carrying out night raids in many villages in Akwaya on lame and ridiculous reason that it is fighting separatists.

Following the raid, there was a trade of gunfire in Akwaya town itself while clashes with the Francophone soldiers also broke out in other parts of Manyu.

By Kingsley Betek in Mamfe