Cameroon to announce new laws on adultery and homosexuality 1

The National Assembly has debated the draft law amending the Criminal Code as tabled by the government. Information that filtered to our political desk says the MPs plan to punish adultery with some new modifications. To be sure, in terms of Article 361 which regulates the question of adultery, the members of parliament have now agreed that adultery “shall be punished with imprisonment from two months to six months or a fine of 25,000 to 100,000 francs if a married woman who has sex with a man other than her husband”.

The new bill amending the text adds in paragraph 2, that the “penalties provided in paragraph 1 above shall hold for the husband who has sex with other women rather than his wife or wives.” If the text proposed by the government is eventually passed by parliament, it will be a kind of revolution in Cameroon. We learnt that stricter measures are being designed to combat homosexuality.

Rita Akana (CIR)