Cameroonian Bishops Say “No” to Freemasonry 0

The National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (CENC) solemnly invites Catholics to fight against Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and witchcraft. The African prelates recommend the solid and unambiguous teaching of Catholic doctrine as the means to do so.

A pastoral letter published at the end of June 2019 by Rev. Abraham Kome Bouallo, President of the CENC, was posted on various Catholic news sites. The Cameroonian prelates concern is great: “In the parish councils and even in some diocesan organizations, we find more and more present and in positions of responsibility, people belonging to Freemasonry, to Rosicrucianism, or sorcery, and to whom the sacraments are administered without scruples.”                                

The episcopal document restates the traditional position of the Church, “Freemasonry is presented as a humanistic, naturalistic, and essentially rationalist philosophy devoted to the search for truth; but it does not esteem that which is accessible only by reason. So it rejects the light of the faith and the dogmas of the Church.”

Also denouncing the “pantheistic” dimension of Rosicrucianism, the Episcopal Conference finally restates the danger represented by witchcraft.

For the African bishops, the ball is now in the court of the leaders of the houses of formation who must “intensify the solid and unambiguous teaching of Catholic doctrine, since ignorance is a determining factor in the adherence of Christ’s faithful to Gnostic sects and groups.”

As for the simple faithful, their duty is no less important, “they must ceaselessly and plainly reaffirm faith in Jesus Christ, who has died and risen, and to be prudent and not be recruited into these doctrines contrary to the Christian faith.”

An example of a courageous position that we would like to see shared by all Catholic bishops.