Cameroonian diagnosed with Coronavirus 0

As the Coronavirus in China spreads, it is hurting many people in its path and spreading fear around the world.

Some 8,000 people have already been infected and over 300 have been killed.

While many Africans have been suspected of having the virus, tests conducted on them upon arrival in their home countries have been negative.

However, a Cameroonian International student at the Yangtze University in China has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. He is the first known African to be infected with the virus ever since news of the virus hit the stands.

He was tested following his return from Wuhan which is considered as the epicenter of the health crisis that has paralyzed the Chinese economy and sown fear across the globe.

Kem Pavel Daryl, 21, has been quarantined and is responding to treatment at the Jingzhou Chest hospital.

His parents have been duly informed and the doctors attending to him say his situation is stable, adding that he will be fine in the days ahead.

No African country has been affected by the killer virus and most African countries have deployed the necessary equipment at their airports to ensure any cases are rapidly diagnosed.