Dion Ngute under pressure to launch investigation after Lamido of Ngaoundéré accused of multiple rapes 0

Ngaoundéré notables have written to Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute calling on the Head of Government to dismiss the Lamido of Ngaoundéré from his royal duties following several rape allegations and adultery including sleeping with minors.

The royals also stated in their letter dated November 9, 2023 and signed by Ibrahima Saidou, on behalf of all the members of the Royal Court that failure to act against Mohamadou Hayatou Issa, the Lamido of Ngaoundéré will allow the traditional ruler to continue to offend and to victimise young girls.

The Lamidat of Ngaoundéré is one of the most important of the three northern regions. Located in the heart of the capital of the Adamaoua Region, it was founded in 1839 by Chief Ndjobdi of Foulbé. The reigning Lamido was elected from among the members of the ruling family. He is the 18th Lamido in the dynasty and has been in office since 1997.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that there are up to 35 minors who have been subject to a range of offences including multiple rapes by Lamido Mohamadou Hayatou Issa.

According to our chief correspondent in Ngaoundéré, the Lamido’s reckless actions have been ongoing ever since he ascended the throne.

The Prime Minister’s office recently admitted that Dr Dion Ngute is facing growing pressure to launch an investigation into the matter.

A prominent Muslim scholar contacted by this reporter who sued for anonymity, said it was of utmost importance that the deeply concerning and extremely serious allegations against the Lamido were thoroughly investigated by the Government.

The allegations in the letter from the notables are deeply disturbing to read. Nobody is above the law” he stated.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files