Donald Trump administration to sanction 27 members of the Biya regime 0

Following the recent visit of Tibor Nagy, the white house policy chief for African Affairs to Cameroon, the US government is now beefing up drastic measures against the Biya regime in Yaounde.

In a report drafted in Le monde newspaper, the Trump administration plans to take drastic financial sanctions against some 27 personalities of this regime who will be banned from staying on American soil or returning to it. This report opines that their assets will also be iced. The 27 Cameroonians to be penalized with these sanctions have their names already drafted by the US State Department.

Some European countries are flexing muscles to follow suit with similar measures under the diadem of the European Union. This will be a huge blow to the French government which has provided a safe haven for Biya and his cronnies in the last 57 years.

In pursuit of a lasting solution according to the report, western countries are drumming up for an inclusive dialogue to stop the ongoing Anglophone crisis that has left hundreds of thousands homeless’ more than 210 villages razed by French Cameroun soldiers and thousands massacred in the two English speaking regions of the country. Its concluding lines reads that a meeting could be organized to begin negotiations between the Yaoundé regime and the ‘secessionists’ on a neutral ground.