Dr Fonyuy Nyuyki says Cameroon tops list of African medical students in Germany 0

The Cameroon Forum for Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Camfomedics now has a new leader. The German-based Non-Governmental Organization recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in the city of Essen. In this chat with the association’s new strongman, Dr Fonyuy Nyuyki, Camcordnews German Bureau Chief Tambe Ndip Arrah presents the man and his style  

Cameroon Concord News:  Goodbye Dr Ivo Azeh!!Welcome Dr. Fonyuy Nyuyki

Dr. Fonyuy Nyuyki: (laughs)Thank you, it´s always a pleasure sharing a conversation with you of the Cameroon Concord News Group

Cameroon Concord News: Let me begin by asking you Dr Fonyuy,What was unique about this 25th Anniversary and African Health Day?

Dr. Fonyuy Nyuyki: It wasn´t all about medical examination and test but also beneficiary to the participants was the dishing out of professional medical advice on how to live a healthy life style. Bringing Africans together via health care forums and information sharing workshops is striving for a healthier longer life for our people.

Cameroon Concord News: Dr. Ivo Azeh has handed over the baton of command to you. Are you going to maintain the status quo or are you coming into Camfomedics leadership with a new idea?

Dr. Fonyuy Nyuyki: Ivo is a legend (laughing). Actually, you know, he has done an amazing job, as you saw on the farewell presentation that we did for him!  It´s was not all about praises because people spoke from their hearts and minds to express what they think about a man who brought honour and fame to Camfomedics

Of course there´s going to be permanency but we need to bring in some fresh concepts and revive some other things as I mentioned earlier during our general meeting session. There´s need to move Camfomedics forward. For instance, creating a lobby and mentoring group that will have key responsibility in guiding new medical students from Cameroon. The lobby group will also need to explain what our Cameroonian education system is all about to the Germany medical admission board. This will include inter alia the value of the Cameroon GCE Advance level vis-a-vis other African countries. Mindful of available statics in 2010, it will interest you to know that out of the 750 African medical students in Germany, 250 are from Cameroon and 140 from Nigeria. It’s like 1 in every 3 African medical student in Germany is a Cameroonian. This tells you that Cameroon is doing well in academic terms. Certainly, these numbers have been growing, and we need to build up and promote these figures which in turn will add up to the number of medical professionals.

Cameroon Concord News: We heard recently that Camfomedicas wants to get to the needy, in view of the socio-political situation in Cameroon. How do you intend to go about that?

Dr. Fonyuy Nyuyki: We have actually been doing something.  War is not a good thing and its devastating effects in the societies are immense. Camfomedics is impartial, apolitical and we will help the victims irrespective of their background or political divide. We launched a fund to this effect and we are appealing to all races in planet earth to support this fund, so that we can together help the suffering people. We are collaborating with local organization to make sure that the aid gets to the affected population.

Cameroon Concord News:  How is the relation between Camfomedics and your colleagues of the other medical associations in Germany, for example the German medical organization?

Dr. Fonyuy Nyuyki: The bill of health is positive. We have a good partnership, with the Deutsch Ärtzkammer – their boss was with us in Hamburg last year. Both at national and at regional level, we are pulling on well and we hope to keep this reputational relationship in a better and productive way.

Cameroon Concord News: Thank you very much for your time!It was nice talking to you Dr. Fonyuy Nyuyki.

Dr. Fonyuy Nyuyki: Thanks for having me.

Reported by Tambe Ndip Arrah