“Endemic acts of Francophone terrorism against Ambazonia are linked to the foundation of the French Cameroun state” 0

Southern Cameroons Communications Secretary, Milton Taka has said that the endemic acts of French Cameroun terrorism by Francophone army soldiers against the people of Ambazonia are all linked to the very foundation of the French Cameroun state.

Comrade Milton Taka told a Southern Cameroons international media task team over the weekend that French Cameroun has perennially harbored a culture to dominate, to conquer, and control everything that is Southern Cameroons.

Milton Taka’s comments came after it was revealed that the Biya Francophone regime has hired the services of some media houses in Europe and America to paint a negative picture of the Southern Cameroons struggle for independence.

Ever since the 86 year old French Cameroun president Paul Biya declared war on the people of Southern Cameroons, Ambazonian communities have recorded the most casualties. So far this year, the French Cameroun military have continued with their extermination campaign killing Southern Cameroons women and children in their numbers.

Videos of lynching and public murders of young men in both the Northern and Southern Zones of Ambazonia as a norm like a sports activity have gone viral on social media. Southern Cameroons is experiencing mass killings on a regular basis but the Biya regime sources yielding figures about the war are very biased and misleading.

By Chi Prudence Asong with files from Soter Agbaw-Ebai