Family source says Inoni still alive but life hangs by a thread 0

A family member of Cameroon’s former prime minister has just said that Ephraim Inoni, a former prime minister under Paul Biya is still alive but was fast to add that he was critically ill.

The source which elected anonymity added that the entire family was concerned for his life

He blamed the situation on administrative delays which made it hard for him to be evacuated in time.

He stressed that the government of Cameroon had been very slow at giving Chief Inoni the authorisation which could have enabled him to seek quality health care abroad.

“If our brother’s health has deteriorated very fast, it is because the government has been slow at issuing the right documents. Chief Inoni does not deserve the poor treating he is being given by the regime he faithfully served,” he said.

“Though his life hangs by a thread, we are still happy that he is still alive. We know that Chief Inoni is a good man. His involvement in the airplane affair was just because he was the assistant secretary general at the Presidency at the time of the purchase of the airplane,” he regretted.

“We are waiting for more information and we will inform the media as the details filter out,” he concluded.

By Dr Joachim Arrey