Far North: Army begins operation to take over and flush Boko Haram out of Cameroon 0

The Cameroon military has launched what it described as Operation Thunder 4 focused on one of the last pockets of resistance by the Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram near the borders with Nigeria. Operation Thunder involves a great mobilization and deployment of Cameroonian soldiers to Nigeria. The combat mission resumed on May 9, 2017 and it is the fourth intervention ever since the creation of the Joint Multinational Task Force.

Cameroon Concord News sources hinted that the army is now concentrating on crippling the remnants of Boko Haram fighters operating in the border towns and villages. The elite soldiers have been stationed between Limani and Waza from where they will penetrate the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It should be noted that the area between Limani and Waza provides Boko Haram militants’ enough space to protect themselves from drones. On May 9, 2017, the Cameroonian soldiers also launched Operation Alpha and engaged in Operation Thunder 4 on the Boko Haram sanctuary in Kumshe and Ngoshe.

As a reminder Operation Thunder began on the 19th of December 2015. It was the first off-the-ground operation by the Cameroonian military inside Nigeria. Some 1,500 soldiers have been deployed for this longest and largest scale operation ever carried out by the Cameroonian army.

By Sama Ernest, Camcordnews