Former Cameroon Defense Minister dies in Paris 0

Philippe Menye Me Mve, a former Governor and Minister for Defense who recently wrote a letter to President Biya begging for an appointment has died in Paris, France. The Francophone political elite reportedly suffered a stroke when news got to him that he had been dropped from government.

Born in 1937, Philippe Menye Me Mve was a senior civil administrator who held several positions of responsibility in the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime.

He was Deputy Prefect of Mfou, then Prefect of Nkam, Prefect of Dja-et-Lobo, Prefect of Haut Nkam, Prefect of Moungo (as of 11 April 1984), Prefect of Mayo Tsanaga 1985), and Prefect of Mfoundi (as of 31 October 1989). On 10 January 1992, he was appointed Governor of the Western Region. From September 19, 1996 to December 7, 1997, he held the post of Minister for Defense.

As the defense boss, he targeted General James Tataw with numerous “demande des explications” and Tataw got Biya to give him a sack. He traveled abroad for treatment and upon his return lately, Menye Me Mve addressed a letter to President Biya saying Monsieur le président, Je suis là…» “Mr. President, I am here …”

By Rita Akana
Cameroon Concord News