French Cameroun Army Special Operations soldier reportedly injured in explosion in Bamenda 0

A French Cameroun officer serving with the Rapid Intervention Battalion has been seriously wounded by an explosive device he was carrying on him. Cameroon Concord News informant who confirmed the news said the incident happened at the Hospital Round About at about 10:30 am today.

Our source also added that the explosion took everyone by surprise. No one actually suspected that a uniform officer could have been carrying an explosive device in his trouser pocket. At the time of filing this report, CCN gathered that an Okada rider rushed the wounded soldier to the hospital. The Hospital Roundabout has been closed.

This unfortunate incident is not the first in the Bamenda County. Two weeks ago, another member of the Rapid Intervention Battallion, BIR mistakenly shot himself as he got up from sleep at the Mobile, Nkwen neighborhood. The bullets that came from his gun, cut- off some of his toes. A handful of his colleagues and passersby were arrested . The SDO for Mezam has signed an order banning any public manifestations in Bamenda until September 27.

By Samuel Bantar Tandap, CCN