French Cameroun Crisis: Biya Locks Up Lawyer Ndoki, Francophones Entirely Silent 0

The Vice President of the Women’s wing of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Barrister Michelle Ndoki has been charged with illegal emigration by the Military Tribunal in Yaounde. This was made known on Friday July 11 as the court established charges against members of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement who are detained at the Kondengui Maximum security prison.

Michelle Ndoki who was arrested in Limbe as she attempted to leave the country will remain in detention following the charge. All attempts by her lawyers after filing a habeas corpus petition for her release were thrown out by the Court of First Instance in Yaounde and the Appeal Court of the Centre Region.  She will remain in detention alongside the President of the CRM Maurice Kamto and his allies who have equally been charged by the Military Tribunal.

The UN Secretary General, Guterres on June 28 tried to erase his failure and failure of credibility on Cameroon by embracing an attempt to mediate by Switzerland.  In Geneva, Swiss police used tear gas against protesters of Biya’s corruption, right in front of the UN.

Source: Inner City Press