French Cameroun: Elections with no campaign caravans in town 0

French Cameroun residents will go to the ballot next month for the parliamentary polls. The elections will see citizens elect their next Members of Parliament as well as mayors.

With only a few weeks to the February 9 polls, the usual election fever that grips any nation in the world is not evident in French Cameroun with no campaign caravans in town.

The presidential election is held separately with the parliamentary elections. Interestingly, it’s the president who decides when the parliamentary polls will be held.

Paul Biya, the current president will celebrate his 87th birthday on February 13 and has been in power since taking over in 1982 following the resignation of his predecessor Ahmadou Ahidjo. La Republique du Cameroun has had only two presidents, Ahidjo and Biya, since gaining independence in 1960.

By Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap