French Cameroun: Prof. Maurice Kamto calls on Supreme Court to remove Biya from office 0

The Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC) has opened a debate about the absence of President Biya in the country. Via his Twitter account, Maurice Kamto, the chairman of MRC party indicated that Paul Biya has eventually open the door for the nation to look for a possible replacement.

The university don has invited the Supreme Court to rule as a constitutional council on the matter. For the former French Cameroun cabinet minister, the absence of the president of the republic should and must open a succession process.

Chantal and Paul Biya left Cameroon on September 14, 2017, to New York in the United States where they took part in the 72nd general assembly of the UN. More than two weeks later, the Cameroonian presidential couple have still not returned to Cameroon.

By Sama Ernest, CCN