Half Americans trust CNN more than Trump 0

A new opinion poll shows that half of all Americans have more trust in the CNN news outlet than President Donald Trump, as tensions escalate between the US administration and the media. The online poll, conducted by Survey Monkey and reported by Axios Media Company on Tuesday, found that 50 percent of the respondents believed the CNN broadcaster was more trustworthy than Trump, compared to 43 percent who thought the opposite.

Trust, however, is largely split among partisan lines with 89 percent of Republicans favoring the US president and 91 percent of Democrats viewing the CNN news outlet as more trustworthy. Trump was also pitted against the American press and lost out to The Washington Post and The New York Times, with the newspapers being judged more trustworthy by 9 points.

Additionally, the Survey Monkey poll analyzed the attitude of US citizens toward Trump’s tweets, of which the majority of adults with 64 percent (89 percent of Democrats and 38 percent of Republicans) expressed their disapproval. Forty-seven percent of all adults responded by calling the tweets “undignified” and 34 percent describing them as “mean.” The Tuesday poll surveyed 4,965 adults between June 29 and July 3, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

Since his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump has repeatedly used the term “fake news” to accuse the CNN and mostly for any coverage criticizing him or his allies. On Sunday, Trump posted on Twitter an altered video of himself wrestling and punching a man with a CNN logo superimposed on his face. The 30-second video became an instant hit after it was retweeted by more than 93 thousand users in less than three hours.

Source: Presstv