Hon. Wirba addresses Southern Cameroonians, says we are winners for all times 2

Our people have proven to the colonial masters that our iron will is tougher than all their guns. The week by week shut down of West Cameroon is sure proof. We will keep our children home and shut down everything till we build a better future for those children. We will do it for as long as it takes. This is the best option for us for we are a peaceful people and we will win by all peaceful means.

The reason our courageous leaders are in jail and others are being hunted down like animals is because this government believes that it has a colony in West Cameroon! In colonial policy, the master never sits to debate anything with the natives who own the land. The colonial rules are simple, beat them, maim them, jail them, shoot them and kill them heady native, who challenge your injustices, until the rest submit to your colonial will! After 55 years, our people have simply outgrown fear and submission. They are now holding their heads higher and higher and simply saying “Since you have more value for our land than for our people, kill us all before you take the land.” This is our peaceful resistance “War” cry.

We must now let the world know that we will resist them to the last man, woman and child. It is the cheapest “war” against our oppressors. With our bare hands and our hearts full of determination to live in dignity in our own country, we must collectively stand up and face our oppressors until we win! Even if our children stay home for two years, it will be better for us and those children because we will use this peaceful means to build a better and a free Cameroon for them. Peaceful resistance and civil disobedience are very legitimate ways of fighting oppression!

My people, by shutting down the internet all over West Cameroon, this government has proven that if it had its means, it could shut off even the air we breathe, so that we, the people of West Cameroon, could collectively chock to death! If they could, they could, they will shut down both sun and rain so we could all starve to death. This government is a grave source of danger to us as a people!

Unfortunately for them, God has a different plan for his people of West Cameroon! A plan of complete victory of good over evil! Actions speak louder than words! Their actions have shown the whole world how much they despise us! We can now see them for who they really are: a heartless government that treats us as subhuman! Were it not, how can a government treat our people with such gross disrespect, spite and arrogance? When a government lacks respect for its people, that government has no place in the people’s life. Let us all stand up in West Cameroon and prove to them that they have no place in our lives!


Your humble servant,

Hon Wirba.