International Cycling: Grand Prix Chantal Biya begins tomorrow 0

The 2016 edition of the international cycling race, Grand Prix Chantal Biya will kick off tomorrow with the first lap expected to be run between Yaounde and Bafia. The last preparatory meeting towards the organization of the race took place on October 6th and was presided by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education representing the minister.

It came out from that meeting that all was now set towards the effective take off of the race. Ten teams from Europe and Africa will be taking part in the race. The bulk of the foreign delegation will arrive in the country today including the referee of the race, Belgian born Jean Pierre Coppenole. The race will comprise four laps; Yaounde-Bafia, Yaounde Ebolowa, Zoetele –Meyomessala and Sangmelima-Yaounde. The kick-off of the race will be at the place de l’Independence, whereas the arrival will be at the 20th May Boulevard.

Cameroon Tribune